Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Malitis Memorial Round 5

Round 5 saw a change at the top of the leaderboard, with Sylvester Urban beating Garry Lycett to take over the lead of the event. David Lacey grimly defended an inferior position against Richard Voon, before finding a perpetual check in a queen and pawn ending to leave both a point behind Sylvester. Also joining them on 3.5/5 were Justin Penrose, Ari Dale and John Dowling, who all took very different routes to victory, with Justin winning a see-sawing battle against David Beaumont, Ari quickly drumming up a winning attack against Marcus Ogden's king & John Dowling avoiding a draw by repetition thanks to Jack Puccini's incorrect method of claiming (Jack played the move on the board and claimed, rather than writing it on his scoresheet without playing it on the board and claiming). This has left Sylvester half a point ahead of Garry, with five people a further half point behind. With two rounds to play, this leaves Sylvester and Garry as the most likely to win the event, but those chasing are still well and truly in contention!
As usual, results are on ChessChat.
This week's game sees Sylvester make quick work of Garry Lycett on board 1, when Garry's ambitious e5 break is ripped apart tactically.


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