Tuesday, 8 May 2012

AFL DreamTeam & SuperCoach update

Well its finally happened ... I've now had a week where I managed to score over 2000 in both DreamTeam & SuperCoach! obviously I had hoped that this would occur earlier than round 6, however I suppose its better than not having a 2000+ double before round 10!
Since my last update, I've made a few changes in both competitions, as well as having a bumper round 5 in SuperCoach (where I was 281st for the round overall!).

The summary is as follows:
Round 4 score: 1863
Round 5 score: 1841
Round 6 score: 2155 (15,376th for round)
Total score: 11,887
Current ranking: 31,786th overall
Trades: Out: C Smith, Fyfe, Hale, Smedts, Ablett; In: Sidebottom, Ebert, Treloar, Simpson, Beams
Trades remaining: 17
Team value: $10,195,500
Current team:
DEF: B Deledio, B Goddard, B Houli, T Bugg, M Clarke, B Lake, G Birchall, B Ellis, J Paine
MID: K Simpson, S Pendlebury, B Ebert, J Bartel, J Magner, J McDonald, D Shiel, S Coniglio
RUCK: D Cox, S Jacobs, J Giles, J Redden
FWD: S Sidebottom, L Franklin, P Dangerfield, D Beams, D Martin, D Smith, A Kennedy, A Hall, A Treloar
Main issues: Job security issues with Paine & Redden in particular (and I'll need all 30 of my team playing during the bye rounds to minimise donuts), as well as my forward rookies being rotated/rested on a seemingly ad hoc basis, often leaving me with no emergency in the forward line! I also have potential issues around the byes with three of my current rucks sharing a round 11 bye & many of my premium backs sharing a round 13 bye.

Round 4 score: 1934
Round 5 score: 2304
Round 6 score: 2084 (77,772nd for the round)
Total score: 12,003
Current ranking: 88,308th overall
Trades: Out: Shaw, Fyfe, Mumford, Caddy, Cox, Smedts; In: Harvey, Hawkins, Rockliff, Treloar, Zaharakis, Maric
Trades remaining: 16
Team value: $11,374,500
Current team:
DEF: B Deledio, B Goddard, B Houli, T Bugg, D Heppell, B Lake, P Duffield, B Ellis, J Paine
MID: S Thompson, T Rockliff, B Ebert, J Magner, J McDonald, D Shiel, S Coniglio, D Smith
RUCK: I Maric, J Giles, D Hale, J Redden
FWD: L Franklin, P Dangerfield, T Hawkins, D Zaharakis, B Harvey, D Martin, T Milera, A Hall, A Treloar
Main Issues: Pretty much the same as my DT side, with Paine & Redden being the obvious issues with the bye rounds coming up.I also have a potential issue with a large number of my midfielders having a bye in round 11, as well as three of my current rucks sharing a round 13 bye.

As you can see, my overall rankings have been slowly climbing, but I'm hardly in a position to expect a car or significant financial reward at the end of the competition. Most of the changes I have made to my sides have been positive ones, although there are some that I am a little uncertain about (trading Ablett out of DT for example), but I'll see how things play out in the next few weeks. Obviously it would have been nice to have avoided such trades to begin with by selecting a superior starting side or avoising Long Term Injuries (Fyfe for example), but its often difficult to judge exactly which rookies or mid-pricers would be the best from the start of the season.

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