Thursday, 22 March 2012

AFL Dream Team & Super Coach ... the first (partial) lockout!

I've chopped and changed a bit from my last few blog posts about DreamTeam, but have finally arrived at what looks like it will be my starting side for the 2012 DT season ...

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My round 1 side (as it stands before the GWS-Sydney game): 

Remaining Cap: $19,400

DEF: B Goddard, H Shaw, B Deledio, M Suckling, B Lake, M Clarke, B Ellis, T Bugg, J Paine

MID: S Pendlebury, G Ablett, T Mzungu, S Coniglio, D Shiel, J Magner, C Wingard, J McDonald

RUCK: D Cox, D Hale, J Giles, J Redden

FWD: L Franklin, N Fyfe, D Martin, R Nahas, P Dangerfield, J Riewoldt, D Smith, J Porplyzia, A Hall

I like most parts of my team - happy with the defense, although not entirely convinced about Bugg & Paine on the bench. Happy with the midfield, but not really sure about which rookies to start on the field & which to bench. Like the rucks - Cox is the must-pick option & I prefer Hale as my second ruck to using Giles, with the two rookies on the bench rather than competing for a place in the starting lineup. I'm also happy with the starting forwards, though am a little concerned about 3 Richmond forwards & my bench, but I imagine I'll be doing some trading before the dreaded bye rounds in the middle of the season!

I've got a feeling there might be some changes based on the full round 1 sides being named next week, but that's the team I'm sticking with for the time being!

As for SuperCoach, I've gone for a fairly risky strategy, with an all-rookie midfield!

My round 1 side (as it stands before the GWS-Sydney game):

Remaining Cap: $10,900

DEF: B Goddard, B Deledio, H Shaw, B Houli, D Heppell, P Duffield, B Lake, B Ellis, T Bugg

MID: S Coniglio, C Wingard, D Smith, D Shiel, T Ledger, J McDonald, J Magner, H Cunningham

RUCK: D Cox, S Mumford, J Giles, J Redden

FWD: L Franklin, N Fyfe, S Johnson, D Martin, D Zaharakis, R Nahas, D Hale, J Paine, A Hall

I don't mind this side, but I can imagine the side will require trades to be very important, particularly when it comes to upgrading rookies and a few (likely) sideways trades leading up to the bye rounds to avoid donuts. The other temptation with this side is to put in a premium midfielder like Pendlebury or Abblett, effectively as a permanent captain, & bring in a few more rookies in the backs or forwards, but  that would compromise the 8 rookie midfield theory put forward by last year's SuperCoach winner!


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