Saturday, 10 August 2013

Books at Melbourne Chess Club

Recently the Melbourne Chess Club received a donation of a large number of chess books from the estate of Ray Johnstone, who was quite the collector of chess books! I found a brief profile of him as well as a copy of an obituary online & the chess books in his collection recently found their way to MCC. Ray seems like he was quite an original thinker, who was prepared to back up his ideas in practice, such as taking up smoking in response to a number of scientific papers against smoking which he thought contained significant errors! He was also by all accounts a strong attacking chess player, coming close to winning the Western Australian title on a number of occasions. As there were so many books, MCC offered a number of them for a gold coin donation, with the particularly rare or modern volumes going to the bookshop for sale at a later date.
The picture above shows the books I picked up ... quite the collection! 
I managed to find quite a number of books of interest, in particular Adriaan de Groot's Thought and Choice in Chess, which in one of the first books that covers thinking patterns in chess, which is something I am interested in & have blogged about in the past. I also found a number of books about local chess & personalities which I picked up, including biographies of CG Watson & WA Whyatt, books on the 1975 Zonal & Australian Open, Ian Rogers' famous Australian Chess into the Eighties about the 1980 Australian Championship & even a short book on the King's Gambit written by Aussie Trevor Hay!
I'm not sure that I'll ever get around to reading all of them, but they will definitely be well looked after as part of my ever-expanding chess library!

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