Saturday, 10 September 2011

Chess - Reviewing My Play Episode 2

Perhaps a bit longer between videos than I'd hoped, but I have had a busy week (made more busy by the extra travelling to work), so the latest video series is a little later than I would have liked.
This time I decided to record two 3-minute games I played on ICC with live commentary, and then do post-game analysis of each of the games. I manage to play horribly in both games at various times & find myself playing poor moves more often than I would like in the middlegame, with the computer spotting a range of tactical shots that I (and in many cases my opponents) missed.
As for the videos themselves, its another three-parter, with the live commentary games being in the first video & each of the games getting its own video for the analysis.
Hope you enjoy them ... I know I've learnt a few things from playing & reviewing them!
Part 1 - playing the games on ICC
Part 2 - Analysis of game 1
Part 3 - Analysis of game 2

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